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Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SCUBA consists of the following equipment:

  1.   Cylinder (Bottle) - Aluminum, Charged with air to approximately 3000 psig.
  2.   Regulator with cylinder pressure gage  - Reduces the air pressure and delivers it to the diver.
  3.   Mask - Protects the eyes from the water and assists with underwater vision.
  4.   Fins - Propulsion.
  5.   Buoyancy Compensator/Life Vest - Emergency Floatation and maintains neutral buoyancy.
  6.   Knife - To free yourself if you get caught in line underwater, not to attack Great Whites with.
  7.   Depth Gage - To ensure that you do NOT exceed the "No Decompression" Limits.
  8.   Weight Belt (Optional) - Offsets any positive buoyancy.
  9.   Dive Partner - Never dive alone.
  10.   Basic understanding of Diving Medicine - Specifically Arterial Gas Embolism and DCS.
  11.   An Emergency Plan - Plan to follow in case of a casualty.

NOTE:  Do not SCUBA dive unless you are properly trained, in good physical condition and have a diving buddy.

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