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 Monitor Dive Monitor Divers Monitor Divers MK-21 Diver on the Monitor Diving Job. 
Diving Operations during the Monitor Diving Job.
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Here is a before and after picture of the Titan IV missile that was launched from Cape Canaveral, FL and exploded 40 seconds later.  MDSU-2 and assisting commands performed superbly during the recovery operation accumulating over 1,500 hours of bottom time in SCUBA .   HOO YA !!!
Titan IV during take off.   204 feet long Titan IV explodes 40 second into flight.  Tax dollars well spent. Tony Schudel and Toby entering the water with UW Metal Detectors during the salvage of the Titan IV rocket. The flight home after the last day of diving.   Hoo Ya

Submarine Rescue Chamber (SRC), MK-21 Divers and the one atmosphere ADS 2000.

     Mk-21 Divers     Upper Torso of the Dive 2000 Suit.  Who will be the first Navy Diver to dive to 2,000 fsw open water?


Parts of TWA flight 800 in the hangar. Two MK-21 Divers on the stage at the water's edge. Two MK-21 Divers on the stage going up and over prior to descending to the bottom. MDV Peter Sharp supervising a Sur "D" O2 dive. mk21onstage.jpg (7661 bytes) bart21.jpg (17042 bytes) wheeler.jpg (18824 bytes) mk21tobench.jpg (10843 bytes) Billy Block

TWA Flight 800 Salvage Operations. We spent 5 weeks diving in two 12 hour shifts off the coast of Long Island, NY. The wreckage was in 120 feet of sea water.

Helicopter recovery in the Philippines 1988 by MDSU-1 using HeO2 and the MK-1 with the Open Bell at a depth of greater than 200 fsw.
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Peel that sticker off, You can't say that in the NEW Navy.

MDSU-1 Diving with the Fly Away Mixed Gas System in the Marshall Islands of the South Pacific utilizing MK-12 with the Mixed Gas recirculator and MK-10 Ordinance Locators to search the bottom.
Fly Away Mixed Gas System - Console, Chamber, HeO2 and O2 Banks, etc....      MK-12 in the Overbottom mode with drysuit and outergarment.  MK-12 on stage holding the MK-10 ordinance locator. Turtle Down in MK-12

Vintage Diving Pictures
MK-V Diver on the stage going up and over.  Hoo Ya Deep Sea. MK5 Water Entry


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