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The U.S. Navy Deep Sea Diving program consists of several classifications of divers.  These are: Second Class Diver, First Class Diver, Saturation Diver, and Master Diver. There are other SPECWAR communities that dive also, such as, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and UDT/SEAL.  Not to forget our "Amphibious Recon Corpsman" aka "Recon DMT".

SCUBA Diver PinSecond Class Diver PinFirst Class Diver PinDiving Medical Technician PinMaster Diver PinDiving Medical Officer PinDiving Officer Pin

Explosive Ordnace Diver Pin Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal PinMaster Explosive Ordnance Disposal PinUDT/ SEAL Pin

Navy Diving is comprised of several types of diving such as, Underwater Ship's Husbandry, Underwater Construction, Salvage, Demolition Diving, Saturation, Research, Hyperbaric Medicine, and Diver Training.

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