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The Navy Diver Movie

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The film NAVY DIVER will chronicle the career of Master Diver Carl Brashear.  Master Diver Carl Brashear was one of the few black sailors who struggled to gain  entrance into diving shortly after the armed services were integrated. The film encompasses Carl’s early childhood, his decision to join the Navy in 1947 as a steward/cook, and his application and subsequent training at the Navy Salvage Diving School in Bayonne, New Jersey. It depicts the rigors of Carl’s acceptance into dive school, his training in the MK 5 dive rig and his follow-on diving career. The script includes the accident on board USS HOIST (ARS 40) which took his leg in 1966. Carl was off the coast of Palomares, Spain during the recovery operations for an H-Bomb lost from a B-52 Bomber/ Tanker collision when the tragedy occurred. The movie continues with the drama and effort it took Carl to convince the Bureau of Medicine to allow him to continue his diving career and his eventual triumph of being selected as a Master Diver. The movie is authentic to its time period and provides a realistic look at our diving history.
Fictional Master Diver, Billy Sunday, portrayed by Robert DeNiro being tended by John "The Pig" Searcy, Bruce "Piggy" Banks, and Richard "Rag Man" Radeicki.
Master Diver Carl Brashear and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

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