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Physical Training (PT) Requirements for all Diving Courses

DIVER FIRST CLASS, is a 40 day course designed to provide qualified Second Class Divers with the training necessary to perform operational air diving as a diving team member/diver and to understand the responsibilities and duties of a diving supervisor. Instruction includes advanced diving physics and medicine, dive system certification, planning for all surface supplied diving operations, open circuit scuba and all hyperbaric chamber operations. Prerequisite course is Diver Second Class.

HEO2 DIVER, is a 14 day course designed to provide qualified first class divers follow-on training in all phases of surface supplied mixed gas diving. Instruction includes extensive training in surface supplied mixed gas diving, diving medicine and operations of transfer/mixing equipment. Prerequisite courses are: U.S. Diver First Class, Diving Medical Technician, Basic Diving Officer or Diving Medical Officer.