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Physical Training (PT) Requirements for all Diving Courses

MEDICAL DEEP SEA DIVING TECHNICIAN, is a 119 day course designed to provide qualified Hospital Corpsman with the training necessary to perform operational air surface supplied diving as a team member/diver and to understand the responsibilities and duties of a diving supervisor. Instruction includes advanced diving physics, medicine and underwater physiology to enable the hospital corpsman to understand the effects of pressure on the human body and the treatment of diver diseases and injuries, with particular emphasis on the use of Navy standard decompression tables. Prerequisite is qualification as Hospital Corpsman.  U.S. Navy Diving Medical Technicians are trained in all aspects of diving. The first 20 week portion of this course is the same as the Diver Second Class training.

AMPHIBIOUS RECONNAISSANCE CORPSMAN, is a 15 day course which to provides qualified SCUBA / LAR-V Hospital Corpsman Diver personnel (NEC 8403) with the basic training necessary to perform medical functions, duty as a Recompression Chamber Supervisor and Inside Tender, Dive Team Member / Diver in SCUBA and LAR V in support of USMC Reconnaissance Operations.