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The Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center offers Medical Department Diving Officer and Recognition and Treatment of Diving Casualties courses for medical department Naval Officers.

Physical Training (PT) Requirements for all Diving Courses

MEDICAL DEPARTMENT DIVING OFFICER, is a 45 day course designed to provide qualified medical officers (aka Doctors) with the training necessary to operate with the dive team as a consultant/team member/diver during operational surface supplied diving. Instruction includes hyperbaric physiology, surface supported deep sea diving systems, air, scuba and lightweight diving systems. This course is designed as part of the six-month Naval Undersea Medical Institute course which qualifies trainees as Medical Department Diving Officers in accordance with MILPERSMAN 1410400. Prerequisite course is Medical Officer Undersea International taught at the Naval Undersea Medical Institute in Groton, Connecticut.

RECOGNITION AND TREATMENT OF DIVING CASUALTIES, is an 10 day course designed to provide Medical Officers with the basic training necessary to safely and effectively perform as a medical advisor for hyperbaric treatments and to evaluate divers and diver candidates prior to diving.