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The Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center offers Basic Diving Officer and Salvage Officer courses for non medical department Naval Officers.  

Visit the Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) website and review the CANTRAC Manual for more detailed information regarding these courses. 

Physical Training (PT) Requirements for all Diving Courses

BDO or BASIC DIVING OFFICER, is an 80 day course which provides students with the training necessary to perform operational air surface supported and scuba diving and to possess the basic knowledge and duties of a Diving Officer.  Instruction includes diving physics and medicine, underwater tools, diving system certification, SCUBA, and surface supported AIR diving operations.  Completion of this course qualifies the BDO to a depth of 190 feet while breathing air.

SALVAGE DIVING OFFICER, is a 31 day course which provides qualified Basic Diving Officers follow-on training in all phases of salvage operations. Instruction includes salvage seamanship, salvage machinery, salvage computation, and practical experience in conducting and supervising salvage operations. Students complete their final phase of training by performing diving operations under actual at sea operations while raising a salvage hulk from the bottom of the harbor.